Billboard Signs

Key Features

  • 48 sheet size billboards
  • 96 sheet size billboards
  • Managed advertising packages
  • Illuminated billboard options available

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Billboard sign / advertising in Manchester

In addition to our building signage and mobile advertising options we also have the ability to create billboard signage for you. If you already have access to an existing billboard then we can manufacture and install the required prints. If you do not already have access to a billboard we can either arrange access to an existing billboard sign or we can manufacture a new one for you. With new billboards we have several options, the standard option is an old fashioned timber frame billboard sign that can hold full colour printed posters. If you want something a bit more modern we can manufacture and install a variety of new billboard styles that use metal frame to secure and tension a high resolution printed banner. These metal frame billboard systems can also be backlit to promote your advert day and night.


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