KBB Visualisation

CGI visualisations can be produced for many KBB products including

Kitchen unit CGI

Worktop CGI

Faucet CGI

Sink CGI

Basin CGI

Taps CGI

Tiling CGI


Extractor CGI

Lighting CGI

Wardrobe CGI

Bedframe CGI

Bedding CGI

Shower CGI

Bath CGI

Mirror CGI

Contact KBB Visualisation to find out more about their CGI services for the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom sectors.

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KBB Visualisation - Manchester, UK

KBB Visualisation, creating CGI images and animations that involve an emotional response from the viewer.

KBB Visualisation are a CGI studio based in Manchester, with years of experience in the CGI sector they have developed a well honed process for producing class leading CGI visualisations for clients within the KBB sectors (kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms).

KBB Visualisation work with main furniture manufacturers in the sectors to produce 3D rendered representations of the products. These representations allow them to market their furniture with more variation compared to a real-world photoshoot. It also gives them the ability to edit and update their ranges without the cost of a complete new photoshoot and the associated costs of producing the furniture for the shoot.

3D interior visualisations for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

The furniture manufacturers (kitchen cabinet makers, wardrobe makers, etc) are not the only client KBB Visualisation work with in the KBB sector. Each product that is intended for use in these rooms may need to be created in high resolution CGI to allow it to be marketed individually. Some of the most popular clients for KBB Visualisation in the KBB sectors produce items for use in these spaces, these include:

  • Faucet and taps
  • Basins and sinks
  • Baths
  • Showers
  • Tiles
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Beds
  • Rugs
  • Cookers, Hobs and extractor hoods
  • Seating

The level of quality that is required for CGI visualisations within the KBB sector is very high. The CG should not just be a representation of the real world item, it should be almost impossible to distinguish between a real photo of the item, and a CGI version. With this high level of CGI quality the client can produce brochures and other marketing materials that rely heavily on the CG images, convincing the viewer that they are looking at a photograph of a real item, not a 3D rendered representation.


All 3D modelling and design is carried out completely bespoke for the KBB sector, ensuring that the CGI produced is as accurate as possible. 3D models are all checked in 360 degrees to guarantee the visual of the product is a true copy of the real world item. 3D scanning is also often used to produce a 100% accurate model of a real world item.

Telling a story is very important in the KBB visualisation sector, the viewer can be converted to a buyer by being convinced that the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom they are looking at is real. Allowing them to fall in love with the design and make them ‘want it’.

KBB Visualisation are based in Manchester, UK. They can be contacted via hello@kbbvisualisation.com , check out their website for more details.

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