Colour Change

Product Details

  • Hundreds Of Different Colours Available
  • Special Colours Only Found On Limited Edition Car Models
  • Carbon Fibre Textured Vinyl (Di-Noc)
  • Chrome and Coloured Chrome Car Wraps
  • Both Matte and Gloss Finishes
  • Metallic Vinyl Wraps
  • Pearlescent / Iridescent Colour Wraps 
  • Glow In The Dark Car Wraps
  • Leather Look Car Wrap Vinyl
  • Sequined Wrapping Film
  • Brushed Metal Vehicle Wrap Film
  • Colour Flip / Change Car Wraps
  • High Quality Materials Used From 3M, Hexis, Arlon and Avery
  • Expert Wrapping Technicians Ensure A Quality Fit & Finish

Prices start from £600 + VAT

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For further information please call 0161 641 8374, or you can make an enquiry


Bored of the current colour of you vehicle's paintwork? Why not change it to something you prefer.

At PrintDsign we use the best suppliers in the industry to provide the broadest range of colours and finishes to truly reinvent your car in the most noticeable way. Matte, gloss, pearlescent, chrome; whatever you require we can offer it. Should you not require a full colour change we can offer partial wraps or even single panels should you want your roof, bonnet, boot, etc covering. 

Our fully trained fitters can quickly transform your vehicle while protecting and preserving its paintwork. 

Vinyl car wraps are deemed a temporary colour change by the DVLA, which means that unlike a re-spray, you do not need to let them know your vehicle has undergone a stunning transformation.

The vinyl we use is specifically designed for the job so should you need to remove it there will be no risk of damage to the original paintwork.

See more of our current vehicle wrap projects via our page on 

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