Custom Wallpaper

Product Details

  • Specifically designed to fit perfectly onto your walls
  • Add a focal point to a single wall or a continuous design to a whole room
  • Custom repetitive patterns available
  • Add your or your child's name and photos to the wallpaper
  • Professionally fitted by fully trained technicians
  • Digitally printed
  • Available in several textures and finishes

Prices start from £55 + VAT

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For further information please call 0161 641 8374, or you can make an enquiry


Adding a one-off bespoke printed wallpaper can transform a room. Custom wallpaper can be one of the most imposing forms of interior design available, turn a feature wall or a full room into a work of art. We can use your own photographs/designs or source you a great image at high resolution to revolutionize the look of your room. We can even design a custom piece of artwork to your specifications should you want something very special.

Adding photos and text to the design of s custom wallpaper print can transform a room into a themed space, which can be completely personalised to you. Imagine bringing your child’s favourite TV show or movie to life in their bedroom, envisage including images of them in the design and also adding personalised messages for them to enjoy. This is just one of the possibilities achievable with our custom wallpaper prints.

Bespoke printed wallpaper is available in a variety of textures ranging from paper smooth to tree bark rough. The texture choice is up to you.

All of our custom wallpaper at PrintDsign is printed using high end quality material, these specialist materials look and feel like normal wallpaper however they are not and so to ensure a quality, long lasting fitment we recommend using a decorator trained by the material manufacturers.

An alternative to a custom wallpaper print is a self adhesive wall vinyl, we cannot add a texture to the finished print but it is a quality alternative to cover a wall in a custom print.


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