North Made Studio Manchester - 3D Design Agency

What do North Made Studio offer?

  • Utilising and nurturing Manchester’s creative talent
  • Interior design visualisations
  • Residential visualisations
  • Architectural visualisations
  • Commercial project visualisations
  • Office space visualisations
  • 3D kitchen visualisations
  • 3D bathroom visualisations
  • 3D living room visualisations
  • 3D bedroom visualisations
  • Product design visualisations
  • Operating throughout the North West
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Cheadle
  • Altrincham
  • Hale & Bowdon
  • Salford Quays

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North Made Studio - 3D Visualisation Services in Manchester

Who are North Made Studio?

North Made Studio are a 3D design agency in Manchester, UK. They work on the principle of using designers and talent from Manchester and the North West of England to give a personalised and local feel to their 3d visualisations services.

Working with a large range of clients, North Made Studio can undertake work for housing associations, property developers, architects, builders and interior designers. North Made Studio aim to offer a complete service.

3D visualisation is an stunning way of giving customers an simple and visual understanding of what a new project can look like.

North Made Studio in Manchester covers all areas in the art of 3D visualisation, they offer  the following aspects of 3d design:

Architectural Visualisation

North Made Studio provide 3D Architectural Visualisations, this refers to exterior and interior visuals of houses, apartments and offices. The exceptional thing about 3D visualisations for buildings is that they can be utilised for both new-builds and renovations / extensions. This large variety of possible uses allows North Made Studio to offer 3D Architectural Visualisation services to a massive client-base in the Manchester & Cheshire.

Residential buildings such as houses, apartments/flats and building extensions can be visualised in photo-realistic CGI images by North Made Studio - Manchester. They can also use their inventiveness on commercial buildings, such as offices and shopping centres. To generate 3D visuals of these buildings.

Interior Design Visualisation

As well as being able to make exceptional quality external architectural visualisations North Made Studio can also offer masterful 3D interior visualisations to help complete a buildings all round visual aesthetic.

North Made Studio in Manchester can supply three dimensional interior visualisations for different rooms including kitchens, bathrooms, lounges and bed rooms. Every 3D interior visualisation they design is always made to the highest calibre and can be used in marketing materials to help sell existing properties or obtain investment approval for new building projects and tenders.

As well as supplying 3D interior visualisations for houses & apartments, North Made Studio can also use their 3D visualisation methods to commercial buildings such as office space and shopping centres.

For estate agencies the possibility to present a house, apartment or office space with fully inhabited interiors can be a valuable additional selling point in the property game. North Made Studio habitually create 3D interior design visualisations for their estate agent clients in Manchester and Liverpool, enabling east agents to promote their residential and commercial properties including full furnished interior images, which should gather much more attention and draw in more buyers / tenants.

North Made Studio in Manchester also regularly work with Manchester’s interior designers. Using their 3D interior design visualisations they can assist interior designers fulfil their vision for a specific interior design. The 3D interior visualisations allow them to visually represent their interior design ideas and show them to their clients. This allows the interior designers achieve delighted clients every time as they know exactly what their redesigned rooms are going to look like.

Product Design Visualisation

In addition to buildings North Made Studio can use their 3D visualisation skills to create visuals of products & individual objects. Product Design Visualisation allows North Made Studio to offer 3D visualisations to designers, investors and companies who are looking to visualise a new creation without the high costs of creating a product prototype.

A great benefit of 3D Product Design Visualisation is that the products can simply be made in using CGI and superimposed on images to show the item in context for promotional purposes or marketing imagery. No need for costly and time-consuming photo-shoots. Their 3D Product Design Visualisations can also be brought to life via animation to show how the product works and how it could be used in context.

For designers and/or inventors the 3D Product Design Visualisation offered by North Made Studio in Manchester can help in obtaining investment from potential clients as well as gathering pledges / funding on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

To find out more about the 3D visualisation services offered by North Made Studio in Manchester please visit their website here.

Or if you would like to make an enquiry straight away you can email them on or contact them via phone on 0161 249 8410.

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