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Cafe banners in Manchester

Cafe banners are not just limited for use by cafes, they can be a great way of complementing your shopfront as well as advertising your brand or products at the same time. Cafe banners consist of vertical posts with heavy weighted feet and horizontal posts that can hold printed graphics. 

Cafe banners are perfect for any type of business that have outdoor spaces that customer will be standing or sitting in, so cafes, diners, restaurants, bars and pubs are ideal. Adding cafe banners to these types of businesses helps to give your customers an clear ideas of where your space starts and stops and they have large graphics that can be used in a variety of ways.

The large graphics included on our cafe banners are available in a PVC banner material or a printed fabric material. The cafe banner prints can contain whatever you want them to, we often just brand them with company logos so that potential customers know whee the shop is but they can easily be used to promote certain products or even direct customers to certain areas.

The PVC banner option on our cafe banners is relatively low cost so is perfect for advertising short term promotions of different products, they are designed to be easy to replace so you can stock up of graphics for winter, spring, summer and autumn and store them ready for use.

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