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Key Features

  • Full colour graphics
  • High quality banner materials
  • High resoltuion print quality
  • Large range of roll out banner systems

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Roll out banners in Manchester

An excellent way of quickly displaying your products or company is with a roll out banner. Our roll out banners are available in several sizes and with different bases to suit a variety of requirements.

Our standard roll out banner uses an economy 2 footed cassette, these are suitable for most customers as having 2 feet makes the banner stand very stable and its minimalist design is un-noticeable so the attention is all on the artwork of the printed graphics.

We also offer high end roll out banner stand cassettes, there more premium models have more robust and sleeker designs, which give an overall more premium look to the finished stand. If you are worried about your companies carbon footprint or are involved in an eco business then we can also supply roll out banner systems made from bamboo, these work just as well as our standard roll out banner systems but give a greener look to your presentation.

Our roll out banner stands are printed using an anti-curl banner material, this allows the stand to be used for days at a time with no curling of the print at the edges, cheaper alternatives often start to curl along the edges of the banner if left up for more than a couple of hours. With our anti-curl banner materials this will not happen and your roll out banner will stay flat and display your design proudly no matter how long you need it to be up for.

The standard model of roll out banner we use is a 800m wide version with a 2000mm height when erected, if you require wider versions we can supply some roll out banner system up to 1.2m in width.

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