Logo Design

Product Details

    • Simple or complex designs available
    • Create a brand to promote your company
    • Add presence
    • Add the design to your stationery, buildings, vehicles, clothing, etc

    Prices start from £25 + VAT

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    For further information please call 0161 641 8374, or you can make an enquiry


    PrintDsign can re-design your existing logo to give it more punch, or design from scratch, a unique and eye-catching logo. We also offer corporate image design, where we will not only design your logo but create a consistent style for your company that can be added to letter heads, business cards, flyers, etc; to unify and strengthen your brand.  

    Our basic logo design package includes a brief meeting to discuss any ideas you may have already had, our designers then take the information you have given them and create a selection of different potential new logos for you.

    Our corporate image package includes a more detailed process including research into similar companies to assess the key aspects your new brand should include. Our designers not only provide you with a selection of more detailed potential logos but also can build your full brand, giving you a professional corporate image consisting of specific colours, fonts and examples for the use of your brand on products such as stationery, clothing and vehicles.

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