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Key Features

  • Variety of textured finishes available
  • High resolution printing
  • Top quality wallpaper material
  • Custom design service available
  • Create one off wallpaper patterns

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Digital wallpapers in Manchester

Large format digital printers are not only very useful for creating large prints for signs and advertisements, they are also ideal fro creating bespoke interior design solutions. With our large format printer we can create full colour custom designed wallpaper prints that look and act just like traditional wallpaper.

These digital wallpapers can be printed to incorporate patterns, images and text in all colours. They can also include logos and other brand elements for use in offices.

At PrintDsign our digital wallpapers are available in several varieties, these can be categorised into 2 main sections:

Smooth wallpaper prints - smooth wallpaper prints are mainly available in 2 forms, self adhesive and non adhesive. The self adhesive version has a sticky back and can be installed in a DIY manner. The non adhesive version needs to be installed by a professional decorator. The smooth wallpapers are best for displaying high resolution images and logos as their even surface will not distort the final design in any way.

Textured wallpaper prints - the texture wallpaper prints can accept any printed design in full colour but allow the prints to have a texture that gives the custom wallpaper a tactility just like traditional wallpaper. In their standard versions our textured wallpapers contain a uniform texture, we also offer specialist versions that have uneven textures that are not uniform. These style of textured wallpapers give a very unusual feel to the wallpaper and give an extra dimension to the wallpaper in addition to its custom designed print.

The uneven textured wallpapers are great for use on feature walls as even with just a bold colour printed on them, the texture will make the wallpaper very eye-catching and attention grabbing.

The textured versions of our digital wallpaper are also available with a self adhesive backing and a non adhesive backing. 

If you option to order one of our digital wallpaper prints we can arrange for a fully Muraspec trained decorator to install the wallpaper perfectly for you.


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