Mesh Banners

Key Features

  • Wind resistant
  • Full colour prints
  • Small and large scale mesh banners available

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Mesh banners in Manchester

If your outdoor advertisement is not going to be fixed flush to a wall then we would always suggest using a mesh banner material instead of a standard pvc banner material.

Our mesh banners can be used on both small display systems and huge scale banners. Their mesh construction gives the banner a great resistance to tearing whilst also allowing strong winds to pass through the holes, this limits the strain put on the material and its fixings.

Mesh banner can be printed the same way as pvc banners with full colours, images and custom designs possible. Up close their print finish is not as strong as standard banners and they can appear semi-transparent however from their viewable distance they perform the same as normal banners, giving vibrant colours and defined prints.

Mesh banners are ideal for scaffolding advertising as they can withstand the strong winds and can only be viewed from a large distance away so will always appear at full quality.

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