Diabond Prints Boards

Key Features

  • Large rage of sizes available
  • Very durable
  • Can be easily recovered
  • Can be used for flat panles, box trays and hoardings
  • Large variety of standard colours available
  • Custom printed or painted colours available
  • Full colour printed designs available

To find out more about our diabond board signs please call us or send us an enquiry email.

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Diabond Sign Boards / Printed Composite Boards

Our most popular mounted board print option is the composite diabond board, its construction of 2 layers of aluminum with a layer of plastic sandwiched between makes it incredibly durable and easy to work with. The diabond board’s construction also allows it to be very light compared to other substrates. At only 3mm thick the diabond composite board is the perfect balance between weight and durability.

With our large format digital printer we can print large full colour images & designs and mount them directly to the diabond boards quickly and easy. These mounted prints can then be replaced or covered over when required with no damage to the diabond board, making it a completely re-usable substrate.

The diabond composite board is such a great material that we manufacture the majority of our shop signs out of it. This is possible as it can be cut and bend using our software to create boxes, trays and other shapes required for building signage.

The diabond composite panel can be used for interior or exterior signage however is best suited to exterior signage as there are lower cost alternatives for interior use. The composite material is available in several RAL colours and can be mounted with prints on both sides. The composite boards cross section of 2 aluminum layers and a black plastic layer can be seen along all edges, this is another reason that it is best to use either a foam board or acrylic board for internal signs.

The composite boards we use at PrintDsign are also well suited for use as hoarding boards for new developments or refurbishments.


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