Hoardings Signs

Key Features

  • Available in any size
  • Can be recovered for new sites
  • Full colour printed
  • Perfect for large or small developments
  • CGI imagery and architectural visualisations now available

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Hoarding Site Signs Manchester

Adding hoarding panels to a building site is a must for most developments over a certain size, they offer increased privacy from the general public as well as increased security for staff, equipment and premises. An often overlooked benefit to hoarding panels is their potential for advertising. 

The huge flat surfaces on the hoarding panels can be coved with full colour prints that can display information about the site in a “coming soon” style design, building up interest in the new site as well as offering your company increased advertising exposure for the period that the hoarding panels are required.

Often made from painted wood or steel, hoarding panels can be an unsightly intrusion into the aesthetic of the building sites surrounding area. By allowing Digital Revolution to add printed images & designs to the hoarding panels we can transform the site into a noteworthy temporary addition to the area. We now offer camouflage style hoarding panel prints that blend in with the surrounding area, we can add hedges, fences and walls to the prints. These style printed hoardings can still carry your company logos, information and any other important details however they are much less intrusive to the surrounding area and are likely to provide additional advertising success due to their unusual nature.

For longer term hoarding panel prints we can also offer an anti-graffiti over laminated on our prints. This anti-graffiti film allows the print surface to become less susceptible to graffiti and other attempts at vandalism that might otherwise require a reprint.

Our hoarding panel prints are almost exclusively made from diabond composite panels so once the site work is complete and the hoarding comes down the printed boards have the potential to be recovered and used again on a future site.

As an added bonus PrintDsign can now offer professonal 3D architectural visualisation services to be used on your developemnt hoardings. Working in partenrship with our firends over at North Made Studio we can offer full 3D architectural visualisations covering external CGI imagery as well as interior visualisations to help you get the most out of your site hoardings by advertiisng new developments and giving passersby informatio about your building project. 

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