LED lit signs

Key Features

  • Large range of colours available
  • Cusotm made signs
  • Bespoke signs to suit your company logos
  • Super bright LED sign lights
  • 1000s of hours of sign illumination
  • Save on electric costs with a LED sign

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L.E.D lit signs in Manchester

much more affordable and much more versatile. This versatility means they are ideal to use for lighting in signs. Using modern LED lights in a sign makes it a little more expensive then conventional fluorescent lighting however the LED lights have a 10,000 hour lifespan and no bulbs should even need replacing. The cost saving on maintenance is not the only saving an LED lit sign offers, LEDs use significantly less power compared to fluorescent tubes so over the life of the sign there will be a considerable saving on electricity costs.

Our standard LED lit sign option is based on a box tray sign with logos, text or shapes fret cut out of the face. Additional options are available with LED lit signs because they are so versatile. 

The versatility of the sign LEDs allow for the following additional features:

Halo effect lighting

3D lit letters

Coloured lighting

Lit face lettering

Side lit lettering

Backlit lettering

Our LED lighting for signs can be combined with several other sign options such as chrome letters, 3D letters and stainless steel sign lettering to give the some of the most premium signage solutions available.

LED halo signs can be formed by hiding the LED lights behind solid or semi-transparent letter of shapes. The super bright LED lights give off an eye catching glow that gives a very high end subtle lighting effect.

Coloured lighting on LED signs can be achieved in 2 ways, the primary way is to use coloured acrylic or vinyl to diffuse the super bright white LEDs into a specific colour. The second way is to use coloured LED lights, these lights can be set to a single colour or multi coloured dependent on the signs purpose.

3D LED lit signs can be achieved by combining standard LED strip lights with semi-transparent acrylic 3D letters or shapes. By filling the interior of the 3D letters with the LEDs, very bright 3D letters can be achieved with a uniform lighting throughout (no dark spots/areas).

Variations on the 3D lit letters include side lit letters and face lit letters. Side lit 3D letters are made with semi-transparent acrylic sides but solid coloured faces, this combination focuses the LED lights on the edges of the letters. This helps to amplify the 3D effect of the lettering.

Face lit letters are made the opposite way with solid sides but semi-transparent faces. This combination allows for the sign to be strongly lit on the front.

Which style of 3D lit letter is best for you is down to choice as well as the positioning of your signage. If the sign is small and close to other buildings it may be best to have face lit letters. If the sign is more likely to be viewed from the side it would be best to go with side lit letters.

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