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  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Huge range of colours
  • Custom shapes available

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With the a growing number of offices being shared between different companies or becoming open plan there is an increased need for internal signage to designate areas and specify offices, to assist staff & visitors when navigating the building. Our range of plaques can offer the perfect solution. Plaques can be made bespoke to your requirements with custom sizes, shapes and colours all available. 

There are several choices of material for plaques and office signage:

Metallic panels

We can manufacture custom plaques out of metals including stainless steel, brushed steel, chrome, etc. These metal plaques can be laser etched with permanent text and shapes or we can add vinyl cuts to them for a semi-permanent design.

Clear plaques

We can make clear plaques out of glass or acrylic. The majority of clear plaques are made of acrylic as it is much cheaper and safer for an office environment. Our clear plaques are available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses which can be custom cut to your specification and requirements to a variety of sizes and shapes.

Clear plaques can have vinyl text applied t them or even full colour prints.

Diabond / composite panels

Our cheapest option  for plaques is the composite panel, it is made of a lightweight construction of plastic & aluminum sheets. It is great off internal signage as it canto be shattered and is very lightweight as can be mounted to walls and doors easily.

The diabond composite panels are available in a variety of RAL colours including matte & gloss finishes. We can even make composite panel plaques in brushed metal, mirror gold and chrome finishes.

Diabond panel plaques take vinyl well so can display text in your preferred colour as well as custom full colour prints if required.

Diabond composite panels are only coloured on their face, therefore they have a black cross section (edge).

Acrylic panel plaques

Like our clear plaques our acrylic plaques are available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses that can be cut & shaped to a specific size or shape.

Acrylic plaques are available in a variety of colours and are true to colour ll the way through, so unlike diabond panels their cross section (edge) is the same colour as their face.

Foam board (foamex) panels

Our foam board panel plaques are the most lightweight option available. They are constructed of desalt packed foam making them very light but allowing them to have a smooth surface that takes vinyl and prints well.

Foam boar plaques are best suited to temporary of semi-permanent signage on doors as they can be fixed up using double sided sign tape instead of other fixings.

All of these plaque options are also suitable for use as external signage.

There are a variety of ways to fix our plaque signs to office areas. Due to the lightweight of some of the plaque materials some can be fixed tao walls and doors using double sided sign tape, others may need more robust fixings. Our preferred method for fixing up the plaques is the use aluminum stand off locators. These stand offs allow the plaque to be risen of the wall lightly to give a hovering effects and also have aesthetically pleasing hidden fixings so they become part of the plaques designs. The aluminum stand off locators are available in several finished including satin, gloss and powder coated paint colours.

If adding a plaque to an area seem like over ill or you would like something a little less formal we can offer wall graphics and a low cost and highly stylish alternative.

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