Projection Signs

Key Features

  • LED and fluorescent lighting options available
  • Large range of colours
  • Off the shelf and custom made projection signs available

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Projection signs in Manchester

Projection signs are the ideal solution if your shopfront doesn't have too much space for signage and there is a lot of passing traffic. Projection signs or blade signs are double sided displays that are fixed to a shopfront wall and protrude at a 90 degree angle so they can be easily see by people passing to the left of right down the road.

At PrintDsign we offer 2 types of projection signs. The first is a non lit option, these can be very simple and are usually only fixed along the top of the sign so that they can move with the wind. The movement of these type of projection signs can be a great way of catching peoples attention. These classic projection signs are not available with lighting however they can be custom designed & shaped to your preference.

The second type of projection signs we offer are lit versions. These type of projection signs  are smaller versions of our box/tray signs, they can include fluorescent and LED lighting systems and are double sided. Additional options can be added to our projection signs such as 3D lettering, custom colours and metallic finishes.

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