Sign Maintenance

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Sign cleaning

Sign upkeep

Electrics checks

Bulb changes


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Sign maintenance in Manchester

At PrintDsign we can create amazing looking signs however if they are not looked after they will like everything else weather over time. To combat this issue we offer a fully sign maintenance service, for a yearly cost we can arrange for you new sign to be checked  over and cleaned on a regular basis. With our LED lit sign options there should be very little need for a sign check up but if you have specified metallic finishes then these may need cleaning more often to stop any tarnishing.

If our sign surveyors notice  any issues we will make arrangements to correct them and keep your signage looking as good as possible.

With all lit sign options we give a basic sign check up service, if any issues occur within the first 12 months of the signs erection we will fix them for free. After this time unless there has been a manufacturing issue or a fitting error with your sign we will not take responsibility for an issues however we will aim to fix them as cost effectively as possible as any poor sign reflects badly on us.


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