Stand Off Letter Signs

Key Features

  • Large range of colours available
  • Sizes up to 3m possible
  • Stand off fixings give a 3D look for a lower cost
  • Brushed metal finishes available

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Stand off letters in Manchester

Stand off letter signs are ideal for making signage more prominent. Stand off letters can be produced in a large variety of materials and colours including chrome, gold and stainless steel. The stand off letters are available in sizes as from 100mm (H) up to over 2m (H), they work by applying hidden locators to the back of each letter. The hidden locators give the sign letters a 3D effect when viewed from a distance at the fraction of the cost of full 3D sign letters. 

The stand off letters cast a shadow, giving much more presence to a sign at a relatively low price point.

Stand off sign letters can also be combined with box tray signs to increase the new presence of the new signage further. We can also add lighting options to the stand off sign letters, LED lights can be placed behind the stand off letters to give a halo effect.

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