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  • Quick way to promote more info about your business
  • The designs can be as simple or as complex as you wish
  • Etched/frosted finish
  • Contravision (one-way vision) vinyl - you can see out but no one can see in
  • Printed optically clear vinyl
  • Block out vinyl
  • Static cling, removable & replaceable material

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The windows or glass areas of your Shop or office can provide the perfect blank canvas for promoting the services or products that your business has to offer.

Window graphics can be custom designed to work with your other signage, giving a clearer message about what your company is about. Windows can be transformed into large billboards for advertising the business without limiting natural light or greatly obscuring your view out.

At PrintDsign we use a vast array of vinyl films for use on window graphic displays.

Temporary window vinyls like static cling, glass suckers and low tack self-adhesive vinyls can allow high quality printed designs to be added to window areas in the short term without and issues or mess left behind once they are no longer required.

Here are some of the key window graphic options digital revolution can offer for the manchester areas and nationwide.

Static Cling / Self Cling Window Graphics

Perfect for short term promotional advertising like seasonal sales, static cling window vinyls are a great multi-use window graphic solution.

Static cling stickers are glue free, so they can be easily removed, repositioned & replaced within a few seconds. This makes them ideal for short term and seasonal promotions. We can supply static cling in both transparent and opaque on which we can digitally print your desired graphic design in full colour or we can simply cut the vinyl to your a desired shape. The static effect of the material works on both sides so it can be fit on the inside or outside of the glass / window.

Self-Adhesive Window Graphics

Self adhesive vinyl can be printed or cut to shape or designed to cover the full or part of your window or glass partition. Self adhesive window graphics are a perfect way to improve to add an eye-catching design to your buildings window.

Offices, shops, car showrooms, retail spaces; our self adhesive window graphics have an endless number of applications and possible design configurations.

The 3 main types of self adhesive window vinyls are as follows:

Cut vinyls

Cut vinyl window graphics are single colour vinyls cut to shape or text using a computer controlled cutter. We can achieve intricate and simple designs in large & small sizes to fit on the interior or exterior of glass surfaces.

Printed self adhesive vinyls

At PrintDsign we can offer printed window graphics, these can be applied to the exterior of the windows and can have a block out backing so that no light can pass through the printed graphic or on a white background so that light from the interior of the building can illuminate the graphic from the reverse.

Interior printed window graphics

We can also print window graphics so that they can be applied to the interior of the glass, this option allows the window graphic to be protected against the elements and defacement.

If required our specially trained fitters can install the window graphics for you without bubbles, creases or other unsightly poor fitment issues.

Etched Window Film

Adding an etched glass effect vinyl to your glazed areas can be carried out for several reasons. Etched window vinyl can add privacy, advertise your company in an innovative way, while being fully compliant with health and safety requirements for large areas of glass. To comply with UK Health and Safety regulations large glazed areas have to be marked to prevent people walking into them.
We can not only supply etched window films but also fit them for you. Our etched window  films are available in a variety of finishes including frosted, crystal, coloured and full colour printed. Our fitters and technicians can arrange to survey your windows to measure the windows and get the perfect fit to the inside or outside. We can then accurately cut the window vinyl to include shapes or text to promote your company’s products and brand.

For additional visual impact we can add coloured vinyl text to the window etching once it has been installed on the glass. This gives you the privacy of the etched window film but the promotional advantages of normal self adhesive window graphic option.

Optically Clear Window Material

This is the ultimate print material to transform your buildings windows into something special. Our optically clear print vinyl allows us to digitally print your design or chosen images onto your windows in a very high resolution and clarity without any diffusion from the material or its adhesive.

One Way Window Vinyls (Contravision)

Whether you want to to add some privacy to a window or need to keep an unsightly view hidden, a contravision window print can help. Maximise that window by filling it with our one way contravision vinyl. When viewed from the outside the glass appears completely covered in whatever design or photo you choose, however when viewing the glass from the inside the window is almost completely unaffected (it only appears to be lightly tinted).

The one way vision vinyl material is not only limited to interior and exterior building windows, its can also be added to the glazed areas of a vehicle. Adding a contravision print to the rear window of a car can provide an excellent large area to advertise your business or business promotion without blocking out the view out of the rear window.

Rear Projection Window Film

If your business has so much to offer that adding simple text or images to your windows isn't enough then we can create a dedicated area for playing videos. Using a rear projection window film paired with a powerful video projector can allow you to advertise your products and services to passing traffic and footfall.

The rear projection window vinyls can also be incorporated into normal window graphic displays if required.

Other Window Graphics

Our fitters have special training so that they can add specialist window graphics to your glazed areas with a high quality finish every time. 

The specialist window graphics we can supply and fit include:

  • privacy tinting (for buildings and vehicles)
  • Mirror films
  • Solar window films
  • Bomb proofing window films

Our window graphics can be changed or removed as often as required, they are a semi-permanent product but can last several years if taken care of properly.

Shutter wraps

PrintDsign can also add graphics to your shops shutters, so you can be advertising your products, services and promotions even when you are closed. Shutter graphics can as simple or as intricate as you like. We can simply add text to advertise your products or be more creative and generate prints that give the illusion that your shop is still open.

We can also add an anti vandalism laminate to printed shutter wraps to protect your shutter wrap from graffiti.


 Check out some of our most recent window graphic projects via our page on 

For even more information about the window graphics and window manifestations we offer at Digital Revolution please visit our stand alone widnwo graphcis website.

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