Automotive Window Tinting

Key Features

  • Complete range of window tint shades
  • High quality tint fitment
  • Range of window tint grades

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Automotive window tinting in Manchester

In addition to vehicle wrapping our fitters at PrintDsign are also fully qualified to install automotive window tints to a very high standard.

We keep a full stock of car window tint films ranging from optically clear safety window films up to light window tints, medium window tints and full limousine style car window tints.

We offer 3 tiers of automotive widow tints films, these are:

Standard window tint film

This car window tint film uses a dye in its make up to give a tint to car windows, it slightly limits the amount of heat that can transfer through the glass and is available in a range of strengths from very light to very dark tints.

Carbon window tints film

This form of car window tint film is manufactured to regulate the amount of heat that can transfer into the car through the glass. It gives a much deeper look to the car windows when compared to our standard window tints and is available in a range of strengths from very light to very dark

Metalized window tint film

This type of automotive window film is very similar to carbon window film however it contains tiny metal particles to give additional heat reflective abilities. The metalized window tints films appear more reflective than other window tints as the metal particles reflect light when viewed from outside.

We offer fully legal window tinting of the rear window of cars as well as show car window tints including the front windows and windscreen.

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