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Key Features

  • One way vision on window prints
  • Full colour window graphics
  • Different grades available

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Contravision window prints in Manchester

Contravision in a licensed product that allow for a one way graphic to be placed on glass. It does this by using small perforations that when viewed from a short distance away seem to disappear and allow a printed graphic to be displayed. Contravision vinyl allow almost any flat window to be used as a full colour printed canvas to display adverts, branding or anything you may want.

For offices it can be used as an alternative to privacy window films as it provides a one way view, so when viewed from the outside it can be a fully printed graphic but when viewed from the inside it just appears as a light tint on the glass that does not limit you view out. 

We can also use contravision on vehicle graphics to promote advertising on rear windows or side windows while still allowing the driver to see out.

There are 4 main versions of the contravision (also known as one way vision vinyl) vinyls available in the UK. These options are as follows:

Standard contravision

This version of contravision is available in 30% and 40% varieties, the percentages refer to the amount of light the vinyls let through (using different sized perforations).

The standard contravision in installed on the outside of the glass and can be printed in any colour or design. It is quoted as lasting 6-12 months due to the print surface being vulnerable to the elements however it can last several years without showing signs of fade or degradation.

Laminated contravision

The laminated contravision is the same as the standard contravision but it have a protective over laminate applied to it. This allows the print surface to be protected from UV rays and weathering, increasing the longevity of the graphic. It is stated as being able to last up to 3 years however it can last much longer.

Interior contravision

Interior contravision is also known as Contravision Sprint, this new product allows for the film to be installed on the inside of the glass. This is possible by using a specially developed adhesive in the print surface that allows the ink to pass through it. This means that we can create contravision one way window prints that can be installed on the inside of your windows so there is no need to worry about vandalism or weather damaging them.

The Contravision Sprint is also removable and reposition-able so you can install it yourself for a short term promotion, remove it and refit it when the offer is back on.

The Contravision Sprint one way vinyl also allow for easier contravision installs on elevated windows, installing standard Contravision print on window high up can be very costly as they require installation on the exterior of the glass so expensive access equipment if required. Sprint contravision means that we can install all of the prints to the inside of the glass which requires little access equipment.

The only downsides for the sprint contravision is that it will not work well if your windows have been previously tinted and it is best suited to larger installs/windows as the reflections on the windows may limit the visibility of the graphic in strong light.

Back lit contravision

Backlit contravision is currently the most advanced form of Contravision, it used a specially developed backing that allows light from behind the graphic to illuminate the print. Standard Contravision can suffer from issues if there are stronger light sources behind the graphics than in front, for example at night, if the room behind the standard Contravision is lighter than the outdoor space then the print will appear very dull and the Contravision vinyl will appear much more transparent. To combat this issue the back lit Contravision vinyl has been developed. The back lit Contravision allows the print on the Contravision to be strong no matter what lighting conditions are present. In fact the back lit Contravision vinyl is illuminated by strong back lighting so that when viewed during darker hours the graphic will appear stronger, brighter and more visible, so at no time will the contravision print become transparent.

A great benefit of the backlit Contravision is that is can now allow a print that is present 24/7, day or night, rain or shine.

All of our Contravision window vinyl are available across the Manchester and the North West, our experienced installers have years of experience dealing with Contravision and can carry out projects from single windows up to full buildings.

Large projects are available throughout the UK.

For even more information about the Contra Vision Porducts we offer at Digital Revolution please visit the following pages on our stand alone website.

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