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  • Coloured etch films available
  • Professional window graphic installs
  • Glitter window etching available

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Etching / frosted window graphics in Manchester

Frosted window vinyl is a great way to add privacy and/or branding to your buildings windows. Our range of frosted / etched vinyls are available in several colours including red, blue and gold as well as specialist versions including sparkle/glitter and white.

In general etched vinyl films are used to block out office windows to add privacy, they are ideal for this as they still allow a lot of light to transfer through the glass while frosted it so people cannot see in or out of it. 

But frosted window vinyls do not have to be used just for blocking out windows they can also be cut into custom shapes including text & logos. These etched window graphics can be a great way to subtly add your branding to your windows and easily create a version premium aesthetic. We can also mix the etched vinyls with coloured vinyls to create an eye catching bespoke window manifestation.

Health & safety regulations require windows over certain sizes to include some sort of display or notification to warn people so that they do not accidentally walk in to it, etched vinyls are the perfect solution for this as they are subtle enough to not disturb the aesthetics of your building but also noticeable enough to do their job of warning people about the glass.

Frosted window films can be installed in Manchester and throughout the North West, if you have a large etched window manifestation project we can also arrange fitment throughout the UK.

For even more information about the frosted and etched widnow graphics and manifestations we offer at PrintDsign please visit our stand alone window graphics website. 

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