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Office window tinting / films in Manchester

No matter what the size of your office, window tints would be a great addition for several reasons. Improving privacy as well as controlling the amount of light & heat that can enter your office can be very beneficial for the moral and comfort of your staff, not to mention that office window tints will give the exterior of your office a premium aesthetic that is uniform across the building.

During installation our fitters cause minimal disruption to normal working day duties, we can come in early or after hours, or work our way around the office to limit the amount of staff movement we would cause.

We offer different ranges of office window films to suite your needs, whether it be to limit the interference of sunlight, add window safety film to bring your building up to meet health and safety regulations, privacy window tints to keep office workspaces private, keep office temperature regulated during winter & summer.

Your branding can also be included on your offices tinted windows to promote your company to the outside world, which still giving all the features and benefits of the office window tint films.

Our office window tint films are available in a variety of sizes so we can handle large and small projects from single offices to full floors and even complete building window tints.

Office window tints reduce glare from external light sources, this can be a big problem for offices using computers all day. Less glare means less eye strain, so office window tints can improve office sickness rates and make you staff more comfortable in their working environment.

Your current office windows may already contain some sort of tint or protective coating, so that our window tint films do not interfere with it our surveyors can use light measuring tools to test your office windows to work out the ideal tint film to suit your requirements.

Our office window tint films can be optioned with coloured shades / tints to give a natural tinted look when viewed from the inside but give an eye catching colour when viewed from the outside. These options are also include full mirror finish window films.

Office window tints can not only improve the office environment for your staff but they can also protect office equipment and furniture from UV fade. Months of continued exposer to sunlight can cause fading and other damage to tables, carpets and other office furniture. The UV rays can also cause issues with electronic equipment like computers and keyboards, many of these products use plastic cases which can be degraded by long exposure to UV rays, so using an office window tint film to limit the amount of UV rays that can transfer through the windows can save money on equipment replacement cost ass well as keep your office equipment looking in pristine condition for as long as possible.

Most modern offices rely heavily on electronic equipment so after work hours there are is often a lot of valuable equipment on display, office window tints can limit the temptation of this to thieves by adding privacy to your office 24/7, so it will be “out of site out of mind” making your office much less likely to attract the wrong kind of attention.

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