Solar Window Films

Key Features

  • Protect your furniture from UV fade
  • Manage your rom temperature
  • Professional installation
  • Reduce glare

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Solar window films in Manchester

Is your conservatory too hot during the summer?

Is the sun glaring on the computer screen in your office?

Do you worry about sunlight fading your furniture?

If you experience any of these issues then our solar window films could be an ideal solution for your home or office.

Due to the UKs temperamental weather getting natural light into a home has always been tricky, modern houses are now often build with additional features specifically designed to allow as much sunlight into the home as possible. Conservatories, patio doors and skylights help to illuminate your home during the day but this additional light can cause unforeseen issues such as fading from UV rays. The UV rays can bleach the colours of your carpets, wooden floors, furniture and even your electric goods. Allowing PrintDsign to install our solar window films on your windows will still allow the natural light into your home but will limit the harmful UV rays so you don't have to worry about your furniture fading.

Solar window films can be a great addition to conservatories as they can limit the amount of heat that can transfer through the windows. By controlling the amount of heat that can come through your conservatory windows we can make the area more comfortable during the summer months . This heat control feature also works during the winter months by limiting the amount of heat that can escape from the windows. The heat control features of our solar window films can therefore save you money on both heating and air conditioning costs.

If you main living room is a very open space with lot of windows then installing solar window films can make these areas much more comfortable to use. The solar films contain anti-glare elements that can limit the harshness of exterior light so TV viewing can be much more comfortable on the eyes. The solar window films also have reflective properties which increase privacy, so if your neighbors are overlooking your rooms our solar films can limit how much they can see in without limiting your view out.

Your view from the inside of the solar film windows will show only a light tint, so there is no reduction in the satisfaction you get from your view.

Allowing Digital Revolution to install solar window films in your home or office is an ideal alternative to fitting window blinds or curtains. Solar window films are much easier and quicker to install, they need no maintenance and there is no need to open & close them as they are always working.

As an added bonus solar window films can also work as a safety glass. If the glass is smashed the adhesives in the film will keep broken or shattered glass together so there is less risk of anyone cutting themselves after an accident or break-in and it is much easier to clean up.

Our installation staff have several years of experience fitting all type of window films throughout the UK and we can offer a full fitting service of solar window films throughout Manchester and the North West.

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