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A boards / Pavement signage in Manchester

At PrintDsign we aim to be a one stop shop for all new and existing businesses who are looking to increase their advertising presence, to achieve this we offer a huge range of products designed to allow companies to promote themselves in a variety of ways. A boards and pavement signs are just one of the core products we offer at PrintDsign that can be used to promote you business and its products to passers by. 

Our range of A boards are effectively split into 3 different categories, each has its own benefits. 

The first tier of a boards we offer are the economy range, these consist of smaller a boards that have graphic areas of A2 size or less and robust frames. They are designed to accept both printed and coloured vinyls and are robust enough to be left outdoors unattended for long periods.

The style of a boards are aimed at businesses who just need a bit of additional directional signage to point potential customers to them.

The second tier of A boards we offer are aimed at businesses who will rely heavily on grabbing the attention of new customers and who have different offers and promotions to promote regularly. These type of A boards have larger graphics of around A1 size, the graphics often have poster snap frame attachments so the graphics can be switched out for new ones easily on a regular basis.

These types of A boards are often made from lightweight materials so they can be easily carried out to the roadside and brought back in at night. This lightweight A board construction does make the A board much easier to transport but they do become more susceptible to high winds, so often need securing to something to stop them getting blown over.

The highest tier of A boards are classed as pavement signs. These pavement signs offer graphic sizes or A1 to A0 but include weighted bases to aid their stability in high winds. The pavement signs also often include wheels to make moving them into position easier.

At PrintDsign our pavement signs contain poster holders and snap frames so the A1 or A0 graphics can be easily swapped for new ones in a few seconds.

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