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  • Large range of off the shelf exhibition stnads
  • Custom exhibition stands available
  • Large variety of stand styles

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Exhibition stands in Manchester

Beyond our roll out banners, and pop up systems we can offer semi-permanent display systems that offer greater stability and an even more professional aesthetic. The trade off for these improvements are that the time required to install these exhibition stands is much longer.

There are 2 main forms of semi-permanent exhibitions stands that we offer at PrintDsign.

Our standard options consist on modular frame kits that can be slotted together to build up small and large exhibition areas that can display high resolution printed graphics in large format.

Some of our modular exhibition stands can also incorporate TV screens to display videos to emphasize your advertising. Other options include literature holders so you modular stand can hold you companies printed promotional material in an easily to access and well displayed area.

These modular exhibition stands do take longer to install compared to pop up stands but they are still relatively lightweight and easy to transport and store.

The other form of exhibition stand we offer at PrintDsign is a custom exhibition stand product. These bespoke exhibition stands are complete one offs that are built to order and give the ultimate premium look to any exhibition stand or promotional area. The custom exhibition stands are predominately designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and ergonomically formed to promote the most suitable exhibition area to promote your services. These exhibition stand are not as easy to install, transport or store.

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