Canvas Printing

Product Details

    • Supplied Completely Finished And Ready To Hang
    • Wide Variety Of Sizes Available Including Special Orders On Request
    • Optional UV Protection 
    • Gallery Quality Stretcher Frames (38mm Sizes As Standard)
    • Custom Collage/Montage/Panorama Designs Available
    • Multi Canvas Prints Available
    • Image Editing Service

    Prices start from £65 + VAT

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    For further information please call 0161 641 8374, or you can make an enquiry


    Transform your favourite photograph into a work of art by allowing PrintDsign to digitally print it onto our high quality canvas. We hand stretch each print over gallery quality wooden stretcher bars to achieve a professional, high quality and long lasting product. A great quality canvas can quickly alter the look of any room or office space by adding an all important focal point.

    Our canvases are expertly finished to hide all signs of fitment, so the image extends beyond the face of the canvas, onto the sides and around the back. Once stretched the print is secured at the rear with industrial strength staples.

    Different effects including colour correction, sepia tone, black & white and pop art can be added to you photos by our design team. These edited images can then be printed onto a canvas sized to your requirements.

    A picture of your children, a wedding, a party, a holiday, whatever you would like to turn into a piece if art we can make it for you. Simply email us your digital photos or bring in a developed photograph and we will scan it in for you at high resolution & let you know how large you can go without losing resolution.

    We keep a stock a variety of different canvas stretcher bar sizes so can provide an extensive spectrum of sizing options. Ultimately what size you choose depends on your inclination and the quality of the photo you can supply to us.

    If your image need any alterations we can provide an image editing service. This can be used to correct any unwanted artifacts in the image, add filters (such as sepia and black & white), correct colours, red-eye correction, etc.

    We can create custom designed canvases including collages of your images and triptych style multiple canvas prints where one image is split across several individual canvases.

    Canvas prints are a great way to add a photo to an interior wall but we can also offer several other ways of doing this in innovative and quality ways. Instead of printing onto a canvas we can apply your image to a foam board or piece of acrylic (coloured or clear), this can then be mounted on your wall using stand off locators to give a very high end alternative way of displaying your photograph.



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