Flex Face Banner Signs

Key Features

  • Perfect for larger signs
  • Can include LED or fluorescent illumination
  • Powder coating available on request
  • Can display any printed artwork
  • We can reprint the face of the sign if it needs to change

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Flex face banner signs in Manchester

Flex face signs have been popularized by their use in retail parks, they are used by companies such as Currys, PC World and Laura Ashley predominately because they offer the most cost effective option for creating a large sign.

Flex face signs are very similar to our lightbox signs but car available in much larger sizes and instead of the face of the sign being a semi-transparent acrylic panel it is a large format printed banner. The large format banner is available in full colour and can display high resolution images, text, logos, etc on a large scale. The flex face sign systems work by securing the banner to the signs frame and tensioning them up to give a flat surface that appears as a single piece print.

Inside the flex face signs we can add fluorescent lights or LED strips to illuminate the banner from behind, making it highly visible from large distances.

As standard the flex face signs have a silver aluminum finish around their sides, however if required we can powder coat them to produce a custom coloured flex face sign.

If you sign needs to be over 1.5 metres tall as well as over 3 metres wide then a flex face sign is your best option, we can produce box signs in these sizes however the overall finish of the large sign will always look better in the flex face option.


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